A school tour!

Today we did an exciting tour of our school!

First, we went to visit Carol, our fantastic school nurse; we have seen the nursing and some of the objects she uses to heal.

Then we have seen the reception and Inés, our secretary, who was there to welcome us. We played with some cars, we read some books and we did some drawings. When we were there, we discovered that Night and Day were there too! These are Carnestoltes’ friends 😀

Later, Mr Prata came to greet us and we went to his office where we spoke with him. He also read a book to us! We had a really good time with him and he has given the book to us to read it in our class again.

Finally, we visited the Nursery teachers’ staff room. They had a meeting there so we met all the teachers. We explained to the Butterflies what we do in that room and we showed the book to all the Nursery teachers.

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We enjoyed today a lot, thank you so much to everybody who welcomed us on this amazing tour!

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