Swimming lesson: Butterflies

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Butterflies class children had an awesome swimming lesson this week. While some of the kids happily jumped in the pool others needed extra support to get in, but once inside they all enjoyed moving around in their pool noodles canoes.

Then, one by one and with their teachers’ help they practiced swimming floating. Well done!!

Butterflies & Magic Room

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Ja fa uns dies que el grup de Butterflies anem a fer Psicomotricitat a la Magic Room. Aquesta sala afavoreix als infants en el descobriment del plaer sensoriomotor, del joc simbòlic i de les activitats representatives; és un espai doncs, que afavoreix l’expressivitat infantil. En aquí els vostres infants se senten protagonistes i lliures perquè poden experimentar el plaer sensoriomotor de pujar, baixar, córrer, gronxar-se, saltar, enfilar-se, cridar, arrossegar-se, caure, etc. Aquest entorn els permet gaudir i alhora sentir-se segurs i poder avançar en les seves descobertes i aprenentatges.



Halloween is here!

Dear parents, as every October 31st, we are ready to celebrate Halloween.

As every year when the first autumn winds arrive we are ready for one of our favourite celebrations. This year your little ones have been introduced to the American tradition of Halloween again, trick or treat songs have filled our days and decoration has been full of skeletons, pumpkins, spiders, bats…

Happy Halloween!

Here are some of the photos.

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