Peix, peixet! Fish, fish…!

Today, in the Nursery, we did arts and crafts.

We made fishes out of clay! We used pretty sequins and colourful decorations to resemble scales; it was great fun! We will be making a sea next time, and we will fill it with our brightly coloured fish!

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Planting seeds!

We love flowers and plants! We have recently been planting our own seeds in old wellington boots that we no longer use. We put soil inside the boots, planted our seeds and watered them. We are going to watch them grow, each of us taking care of our own plants. We have tied them to the wall in our patio, so we can watch how they grow and bloom.

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Planting beautiful flowers

Spring is coming and we can see flowers growing everywhere; we love to see them!
This week we planted three plants in our playground. First we took a carefully look to them; we saw that they are pink and purple, not very small but not very big, with a rounded shape and their smell is… awesome!
While some of us were making three holes in the sand, the others were taking the flower pots out to plant them.

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Finally, we enjoyed a lot watering these flowers!
We know that we have to take care of them, so we will have to water our flowers every day and treat them softly.

A school tour!

Today we did an exciting tour of our school!

First, we went to visit Carol, our fantastic school nurse; we have seen the nursing and some of the objects she uses to heal.

Then we have seen the reception and Inés, our secretary, who was there to welcome us. We played with some cars, we read some books and we did some drawings. When we were there, we discovered that Night and Day were there too! These are Carnestoltes’ friends 😀

Later, Mr Prata came to greet us and we went to his office where we spoke with him. He also read a book to us! We had a really good time with him and he has given the book to us to read it in our class again.

Finally, we visited the Nursery teachers’ staff room. They had a meeting there so we met all the teachers. We explained to the Butterflies what we do in that room and we showed the book to all the Nursery teachers.

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We enjoyed today a lot, thank you so much to everybody who welcomed us on this amazing tour!

Fluorescent paint!

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Today we have gone to the black light room and we have seen how our clothes and all the white things shine and bright a lot!

After experimenting with ourselves (nails, teeth, t-shirts…), Miss Anna has put some paint on different coloured cardboards. These paints shined in an awesome way! We have stamped our hands, painted our fingers, made circles… it has been exciting!

Shaving foam!

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This week has been snowing in our school and one way to represent this snow in our class is with shaving foam. With this experimentation, children have seen that this product looks like snow, it could seem the same if we only look at it but shaving foam is soft, creamy, sparkly, not cold… the opposite of snow!

We have added some paint drops and later some glitter; Butterflies have enjoyed a lot splashing and crushing this mixture!

After a while, we have painted a paper stuck in a wall and… awesome! You can see the artwork in our class!

Having fun cooking!

Butterflies love to experiment and learning by doing is a philosophy that takes part in our daily activities.

Today we have been chefs and we have cooked delicious dishes for each other and for Miss Anna. We have also discovered that we don’t like raw pasta, we prefer it with tomatoe sauce!

Does “El monstre de colors” ring you a bell?

Does “El monstre de colors” ring you a bell?

Is a monster who changes his colour depending on the emotion he is feeling.

We believe that communicate and manage what we feel and what we think is very important and useful for our lives. So this week we have listened to the story twice and today we have identified our emotions and feelings hooking a clothespin with our face in the colour/emotion we thought was the most appropriated.

El monster de colors will stay in our class to help us every day to understand and classify our feelings and sensations; we really like him!

Ready for Carnival!

We are looking forward to meet Carnestoltes today! We know that he loves to dress up, dance, sing and make jokes, so, as we are the Butterfly class, we have painted beautiful butterfly masks and then we added golden and silver glitter to make them even more awesome. Carnestoltes will love them for sure!

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Using scissors!

Today we have used scissors for first time this year! We had to tear coloured papers to stick in a poster, so we tried to do it using scissors. After a while of experimenting with them, we have decided to leave this task for another day and start tearing the paper with our fingers… much better!

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We will keep trying it another day!