Spring is coming!

Spring is coming and we can see flowers growing everywhere.

Today we planted plants in our playground. First we carefully looked at them; we noticed they have different colors. The flowers are not very small but not very big and their shape is rounded. Their smell is… awesome!

While some of us were making some holes in the sand, others one were taking out of their pots to plant them in the holes.

Finally, we enjoyed a lot watering these flowers!

We know that we to take care of them, so we will water our flowers every day.

Peix, peixet! Fish, fish…!

Today, in the Nursery, we did arts and crafts.

We made fishes out of clay! We used pretty sequins and colourful decorations to resemble scales; it was great fun! We will be making a sea next time, and we will fill it with our brightly coloured fish!

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Planting seeds!

We love flowers and plants! We have recently been planting our own seeds in old wellington boots that we no longer use. We put soil inside the boots, planted our seeds and watered them. We are going to watch them grow, each of us taking care of our own plants. We have tied them to the wall in our patio, so we can watch how they grow and bloom.

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Fluorescent paint!

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Today we have gone to the black light room and we have seen how our clothes and all the white things shine and bright a lot!

After experimenting with ourselves (nails, teeth, t-shirts…), Miss Anna has put some paint on different coloured cardboards. These paints shined in an awesome way! We have stamped our hands, painted our fingers, made circles… it has been exciting!

Shaving foam!

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This week has been snowing in our school and one way to represent this snow in our class is with shaving foam. With this experimentation, children have seen that this product looks like snow, it could seem the same if we only look at it but shaving foam is soft, creamy, sparkly, not cold… the opposite of snow!

We have added some paint drops and later some glitter; Butterflies have enjoyed a lot splashing and crushing this mixture!

After a while, we have painted a paper stuck in a wall and… awesome! You can see the artwork in our class!