New experiences in the Magic Room

Com ja sabeu les “Butterflies” van un o dos cops per setmana a la Magic Room a l’hora de psicomotricitat. Les experiències i activitats que hi fem estan relacionades amb el desenvolupament psicomotor i emocional dels infants. Treballem amb diferents materials per millorar la consciència del seu propi cos, rebre estímuls diferents segons el material, desenvolupar la coordinació oculomanual, l’equilibri, l’organització espacial,  compartir el material amb els companys, etc.

En aquest cas el paper de diari ens va possibilitar fer un treball de les sensacions propioceptives. La sala plena de paper ens va convidar a fer arrossegaments, a embolicar-nos, a trencar, a esquinçar, a doblegar, a amagar-nos, etc. Activitats que ajudaran als nostres infants a millorar la prensió, la força i l’ús de la pinça digital.

Us convidem a veure les imatges.

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Having fun cooking!

Butterflies love to experiment and learning by doing is a philosophy that takes part in our daily activities.

Today we have been chefs and we have cooked delicious dishes for each other and for Miss Anna. We have also discovered that we don’t like raw pasta, we prefer it with tomatoe sauce!

Let’s experiment with paper rolls!

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We are used to see kitchen paper and toilet paper everywhere, but we are not used to play and experiment with it.

Today we have unrolled two paper rolls and once on the floor, we have thrown it into the air! We have covered some parts of our body, we have hidden under it, we have stretched it to see where it broke and we have had a lot of fun making little pieces and playing with them!

Can you find the pieces?

Today Miss Anna has hidden some wooden pieces into cornstarch. These ones had different shapes and colours, but the purpose of this activity was that each time we found a piece, we had to classify it into a box with the same colour as it.

We enjoyed a lot doing this learning experimentation; getting dirty with this new touch and textur. Cornstarch is really soft and lovely to play with!

Mixing colours!

Today in class we have seen that with blue, red and yellow cellophane papers we can create others! Then we have seen a video and listened to a song about the colours.

Later, Miss Anna has painted our hands! Each one with a different colour so we have discovered that rubbing them, we can make other colours as green, purple, light blue, pink…! Awesome.

Let’s experiment with pumpkins!

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As Halloween has finished and we like a lot the different pumpkins we have in our basket Autumn, why don’t we taste them?

Today we have seen the difference between raw and cooked pumpkins and some of us have discovered a new flavour and texture!

We have touched the fresh pumpkin seeds, the colours they have, the shapes and the sizes. Butterflies have enjoyed a lot but now we know that we prefer pumpkin puree

What am I stepping on?

The other day we went to the forest and pick up a lot of different things; leaves, sticks, tree barks, sand, grass… and today in psychomotricity we have done a sensory circuit stepping all that and water.

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We have seen that we love stepping on the soft grass and sand, water is so comfortable, sticks are very hard and we hate stepping on them, dry leaves sound like “crick-crack” and they are funny!