Look for…

Some sticks! Big stones! Two pinecones! Something to put as a nose! And… our human body is done.

We have searched these autumn elements in the forest to represent a real body, and we are so proud with the result!

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We love painting!

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Along with the Autumn, different colours have come to our landscapes!

We have used yellow, orange and brown to paint the leaves of our Autumn basket case. When they will be dry, we will use them to decorate our classroom

Xip-Xap: Let’s swim!

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Today we have gone to the pool and Butterflies have enjoyed a lot!

We have played with different water toys as animals, shapes, parts of the body, watering cans… in two small pools. After a while, the most daring children have swum in the big pool

We are all looking forward to come back next week and soon we will be like fish in the water for sure!

Butterflies i Swans fent psico!

Dear parents,

Butterflies and Swans a few days ago that we started working in the area of psychomotricity.
The little ones explore different materials and discover the characteristics through the senses, so you can notice the differences in texture, weight, shape or color, among others. From his movements and movements (crawling and first steps) they are also working on the ability to concentrate and focalized attention, and eye-hand-mouth coordination.
The larger ones continue to integrate all these aspects, while becoming small inquirers discovering the space through circuits using the motor possibilities making different types of displacements. Look this video.

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube

Happy Summer!

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El curso llega a su final: actividades de aula, festival, orlas de graduación y… con la celebración de entrega de diplomas para todos nuestros alumnos del ciclo de Educación Infantil, nos vamos de vacaciones.

Con estas imágenes queremos desearos un ¡Feliz Verano! Bon estiu!  Happy Summer!

¡Felicidades chicos y chicas ahora toca disfrutar de las merecidas vacaciones veraniegas!


Learning about traffic signs

It’s the last school month and we are learning about traffic signs. So we took our motor bikes and off we went to our SEK road! Our teacher explained to us when to stop and when to go, then we practiced it for real.

After a while some of us dressed up as policemen and we got to practice it by giving instructions to the others! We had so much fun!

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