We love painting!

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Along with the Autumn, different colours have come to our landscapes!

We have used yellow, orange and brown to paint the leaves of our Autumn basket case. When they will be dry, we will use them to decorate our classroom

Xip-Xap: Let’s swim!

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Today we have gone to the pool and Butterflies have enjoyed a lot!

We have played with different water toys as animals, shapes, parts of the body, watering cans… in two small pools. After a while, the most daring children have swum in the big pool

We are all looking forward to come back next week and soon we will be like fish in the water for sure!

Butterflies i Swans fent psico!

Dear parents,

Butterflies and Swans a few days ago that we started working in the area of psychomotricity.
The little ones explore different materials and discover the characteristics through the senses, so you can notice the differences in texture, weight, shape or color, among others. From his movements and movements (crawling and first steps) they are also working on the ability to concentrate and focalized attention, and eye-hand-mouth coordination.
The larger ones continue to integrate all these aspects, while becoming small inquirers discovering the space through circuits using the motor possibilities making different types of displacements. Look this video.

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Story Time!

Any time is good to sit and share a while all together in which we explain a story and any child can participate.

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We love hearing new stories and seeing the pictures from the books! But even more if they hide exciting surprises!

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Good morning!

Hello to everybody!

We are all in class ready to give us good morning; see if someone is missing, what is the weather like today and work the emotions of each one .

We really enjoy this time of the day singing and dancing to the rhythm of English songs which are familiar for us!

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Let’s begin 2017-18 School Year!

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We are about to begin a new school year. We will make new friends and we will join last year`s classmates!

¡Ya estamos de vuelta, con las pilas cargadas y con mucha energía! Un nuevo curso nos espera con infinidad de sorpresas y aventuras que vivir todos juntos. Después de nuestro día abierto (miércoles 6 septiembre), hoy jueves hemos iniciado nuestra primera jornada escolar de este curso.

Us volem donar la benvinguda, compartint aquestes imatges amb tots vosaltres!

The best way to finish our school year

So the school year finally came to an end . We still had a lot of energy though and we were looking forward for our night in the school. We all brought our pijamas and our sleeping bags and we were very excited to sleep with our friends . We spent the day playing games with the monitors and at the end of the day  we fell asleep straight away . The next day was full of surprises as well ,so as you can all understand we had an amazing time !

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Dough Experiments!

Our final week slowly comes to an end and as we love touching and manipulating things our teacher prepared a cooking dough for us! We sat down and we observed the dough first .Then we decided to touch it. Each one of us took a little bit and we tried to leave our fingerprints on it ,with no success though. It looked like kinetic sand .We tried everything ,but the dough remained the same…

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Our fruit pinxtos

Pinxtos week in our school town and we obviously got really inspired ,so we decided to make our own! We took some fruits and we put them on a small stick, then we dipped them in chocolate and of course we ate them ! As it was yummy and we really love our daddies and mommies we thought we could make some for them as well  … It was the sweetest activity ever !

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