Pink Panthers !

This Friday was extremely fun ! We painted our faces and we transformed to pink panthers. We danced to the pink panther song and we were laughing at each other when we were looking ourselves at the mirror .

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Toy factory

Another week full of creativity in our creche . This week we opened a toy factory and we made some really cool toys for us to play with . We mixed tonic with florescence paint in a bottle and we put a lot of sparkly materials and florescence stones in it ! At the end we created a water toy . We took it with us in the lights and shadows class and we were very excited to see how amazing it looked under the black light!

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A day at the farm!

What´s the best way to end our week ? An excursion at the farm of course! As soon as we arrived there we met the animals , we coddled them and we brushed their hair. We saw rabbits , ponies, horses, cows, pigs and roosters . We also had the chance to ride the little ponies and to plant lettuces in a big garden. And last but not least we had a tour with the farm cart!

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Little/baby artists in action :)

This  week has been amazing! We haven’t stopped playing and having fun. As you know we are very artistic so we decided to make a big poster! Our teacher placed a big white fabric on the wall and we started spraying it with colorful water . We sprayed not only the fabric but our selves as well! In less than 5 minutes the fabric was full of colores !

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Lights and Shadows !

End of our first week and as it seems we kept the best activity for the end ! We went to the lights and shadows class . We were all amazed ,because it was so beautiful and it had so many things. So we sat on the carpet and our teachers painted our faces and bodies , then they turned on the black light…and suddenly we could see the drawings on our bodies illuminating . We stayed there for a long time playing around and touching the magic light balls . We had an amazing time and we can´t wait to go back!

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Our first excursion !

First week of our summer camp and we were the first ones to go on an excursion ! We were so lucky to have the opportunity to experience a real concert . So we got in our school van and off we go ! We entered into a big room and we started singing straight away , then we stood up and we danced non stop until the end of the concert ! It was so exciting and we really enjoyed our time there.

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Happy Summer!

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El curso llega a su final: actividades de aula, festival, orlas de graduación y… con la celebración de entrega de diplomas para todos nuestros alumnos del ciclo de Educación Infantil, nos vamos de vacaciones.

Con estas imágenes queremos desearos un ¡Feliz Verano! Bon estiu!  Happy Summer!

¡Felicidades chicos y chicas ahora toca disfrutar de las merecidas vacaciones veraniegas!


Learning about traffic signs

It’s the last school month and we are learning about traffic signs. So we took our motor bikes and off we went to our SEK road! Our teacher explained to us when to stop and when to go, then we practiced it for real.

After a while some of us dressed up as policemen and we got to practice it by giving instructions to the others! We had so much fun!

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Mermaids and sharks under the sea !

This week we finished our unit with an amazing activity! We painted our faces like sharks and mermaids, the little ones pretended to be fish  and all together we swam under the sea! The sharks ate a lot of fish and the mermaids swam with their beautiful tales! We had so much fun!

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