Let鈥檚 experiment with pumpkins!

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As Halloween has finished and we like a lot the different pumpkins we have in our basket Autumn, why don鈥檛 we taste them?

Today we have seen the difference between raw and cooked pumpkins and some of us have discovered a new flavour and texture!

We have touched the fresh pumpkin seeds, the colours they have, the shapes and the sizes. Butterflies have enjoyed a lot but now we know that we prefer pumpkin puree

We love painting!

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Along with the Autumn, different colours have come to our landscapes!

We have used yellow, orange and brown to paint the leaves of our Autumn basket case. When they will be dry, we will use them to decorate our classroom

Autumn fun!

Butterflies class has been exploring Autumn and its聽colors (orange, red, yellow..)聽through different activities in English lessons and they have enjoyed engaging in various learning and creative experiences exploring play dough, texture papers and paint. Today’s activity was a very fun (and a little messy) sponge painting experience with leaves and chestnuts. Take a look at these photos!

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One of the best ways for children to develop their language skills and learn new words is through stories and songs, and that’s why reading a short story and listening (and singing along) to a song is聽always part of the routine in our lessons. We hope you’ll enjoy singing along with your toddlers these two songs in English. Have fun!!

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