Does “El monstre de colors” ring you a bell?

Does “El monstre de colors” ring you a bell?

Is a monster who changes his colour depending on the emotion he is feeling.

We believe that communicate and manage what we feel and what we think is very important and useful for our lives. So this week we have listened to the story twice and today we have identified our emotions and feelings hooking a clothespin with our face in the colour/emotion we thought was the most appropriated.

El monster de colors will stay in our class to help us every day to understand and classify our feelings and sensations; we really like him!

The lion and the mouse

This week, in the music class, we started to work emotions with the tale The lion and the mouse. The tale wasn’t printed on paper; the landscap was an apron and the lion and the mouse were puppets. All the story had music, we listened to the lion roar and we heard how the hunters were aproaching too.

We enjoyed this story a lot.

Then, we had a time to relax with chillout music and soft feathers.

Circus in the school!

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This week, we did an an amazing activity! We painted ourselves as clowns and we did a big show. We transformed our class into a circus, and we danced using balloons and ribbons. Then we used different expressions and looked at ourselves in the mirror, we were so funny.

It was an activity that none of us will ever forget.