We went to explore our forest

Last week we went to explore our forest. For some of them it’s a new place and for others they still remember from last year. We have been exploring different spaces and we could see different things we can find there as trees, leafs and branches we could find on the floor. As always we had fun!

Ens estem fent grans!

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El grup de Butterflies dins la Magic Room, dia a dia van superant reptes i alhora descobreixen noves habilitats psicomotrius. També els podeu veure al pati “dels grans”, el que serà el seu pati el proper curs i on ens anem familiaritzant algunes estones amb la il·lusió d’aquest nou espai que ben aviat formarà part del seu dia a dia.


Planting beautiful flowers

Spring is coming and we can see flowers growing everywhere; we love to see them!
This week we planted three plants in our playground. First we took a carefully look to them; we saw that they are pink and purple, not very small but not very big, with a rounded shape and their smell is… awesome!
While some of us were making three holes in the sand, the others were taking the flower pots out to plant them.

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Finally, we enjoyed a lot watering these flowers!
We know that we have to take care of them, so we will have to water our flowers every day and treat them softly.

Chickens and hens

We love animals but even more if they are real. This week we have gone to the forest to take a big stick for our classroom because we want to make a new corner, so we took advantage to visit these friendly farm animals. We really love going to the forest and be in a natural space!

Learning about animals!

As we are learning about animals, our teacher prepared an activity for us! We had to divide the animals’ habitat to air, water and sand. It wasn’t that easy, because there were some animals that we didn’t know, but we did it eventually! It was a difficult activity but by the end we did it!

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A visit to P5’s classroom!

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Today we finished our day with a visit .We went in P5’s classroom to see their fish and turtles. We were really impressed by their colors and their fins . We observed them and we tried to talk to them . We really liked the decoration of the fish tank and the hole classroom ,as it ‘s inspired by the ocean  !

We definitely want to go and see them again !