Halloween is here!

Dear parents, as every October 31st, we are ready to celebrate Halloween.

As every year when the first autumn winds arrive we are ready for one of our favourite celebrations. This year your little ones have been introduced to the American tradition of Halloween again, trick or treat songs have filled our days and decoration has been full of skeletons, pumpkins, spiders, bats…

Happy Halloween!

Here are some of the photos.

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Let’s experiment with pumpkins!

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As Halloween has finished and we like a lot the different pumpkins we have in our basket Autumn, why don’t we taste them?

Today we have seen the difference between raw and cooked pumpkins and some of us have discovered a new flavour and texture!

We have touched the fresh pumpkin seeds, the colours they have, the shapes and the sizes. Butterflies have enjoyed a lot but now we know that we prefer pumpkin puree

Castanyera , Halloween having fun with the infant team !

Friday morning and we all came in the school , dressed up for Halloween . We had a lot of fun being with the older children from infants. Then in the afternoon we went to visit ‘castanyera’ in the forest and she gave us chestnuts that we liked a lot ! At the end of the day we had our snack in the big playground and at the same time we were dancing all together ! It was a lovely day full of activities !

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