Shaving foam!

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This week has been snowing in our school and one way to represent this snow in our class is with shaving foam. With this experimentation, children have seen that this product looks like snow, it could seem the same if we only look at it but shaving foam is soft, creamy, sparkly, not cold… the opposite of snow!

We have added some paint drops and later some glitter; Butterflies have enjoyed a lot splashing and crushing this mixture!

After a while, we have painted a paper stuck in a wall and… awesome! You can see the artwork in our class!

Let’s experiment with paper rolls!

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We are used to see kitchen paper and toilet paper everywhere, but we are not used to play and experiment with it.

Today we have unrolled two paper rolls and once on the floor, we have thrown it into the air! We have covered some parts of our body, we have hidden under it, we have stretched it to see where it broke and we have had a lot of fun making little pieces and playing with them!

Mixing colours!

Today in class we have seen that with blue, red and yellow cellophane papers we can create others! Then we have seen a video and listened to a song about the colours.

Later, Miss Anna has painted our hands! Each one with a different colour so we have discovered that rubbing them, we can make other colours as green, purple, light blue, pink…! Awesome.