We had made a maraca!

Last Monday during our music class we experimented with some little bottles and the sound. The pupils stuck stickers of differents colors on the bottles and then we filled them in with a little rice. We had made a maraca!

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At our beach

Last Wednesday, during our music class, we spent some time at the beach! We stacked boats made of paper on a blue fabric. Then, we listened to a habanera and waved the clothes pretending it was the sea following the rhythm of the music.

The P2 pupils enjoyed it a lot when they went under the blue fabric. It was a delightful activity!

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The lion and the mouse

This week, in the music class, we started to work emotions with the tale The lion and the mouse. The tale wasn’t printed on paper; the landscap was an apron and the lion and the mouse were puppets. All the story had music, we listened to the lion roar and we heard how the hunters were aproaching too.

We enjoyed this story a lot.

Then, we had a time to relax with chillout music and soft feathers.